vivere militare est


Inspired by the story of a soldier who took a gun barrel and cut it off in the shape of a ring and got engaged to his bride. This little piece has become an extraordinary symbol of their love.

- Freedom as a realized value
- Fight for what you believe in
- Boldly go through life
- Show strength of character
- Overcome life's challenges
- Breathe to the fullest
- Appreciate every moment

These are the values ​​that we share and embodied in jewelry. A clear idea, strong energy and iconic design in every piece of jewelry as it lives, changes, scratches and ages with the owner.

Feel the connection with the jewel becoming one with it and write your own story!


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Each jewelry will made just for you and take up 1-2 week aprox. processing time.


North America: 12-17 days.
Europe: 10-17 days.